ProTactile Theater in DC

This weekend is the DC premiere of ProTactile Theater!!!

PT Theater was created by DeafBlind community leaders Yash Romilus and Jasper Norman so that DeafBlind audience members can enjoy a fully tactile performance! There are also open slots for sighted audience members during each performance.

The show runs tonight (friday), all day tomorrow, and Sunday half-day. This particular show is Gift of the Magi, a Christmas story; there will be a reception area where you can wait (and enjoy free refreshments and snacks!) before your performance time.

If you want to book a spot, email Sarah Swetzoff at and she will tell you what is open! You can check this facebook post to see what was booked as of yesterday. Then you can let the organizers know which spot you want to book by emailing, and please Sarah at so that she can make sure they got your reservation.

The location is Brightwood area, a private home in Sherman Circle. Kids welcome, especially Deaf and DeafBlind kids! Tickets are $40 but please ask Sarah at to explore any needed discounts for low-income folks & students.

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