Kinship Caregivers Study

Professors at the Catholic University School of Social Service are conducting a study on kinship caregivers who are not currently involved in the child welfare system.  For more information about this study, see below, here or here.  Participants will receive a $40 gift card for participating.

Kinship caregivers who are interested in participating in the study can contact the professors directly at –

Eun Koh, Ph.D Associate Professor
(202) 319-4779

Laura Daughtery, Ph.D Associate Professor
(202) 319-5782

The purpose of this study is to improve our understanding of kinship caregivers’ parenting experiences, particularly those not involved with the public child welfare system.  The knowledge obtained in this study may be utilized in designing and implementing a service delivery model for children in kinship placements and their caregivers in the future. The questionnaire includes questions on kinship caregivers’ demographic information and kin care experiences.  It also has items on kinship caregivers’ knowledge and/or thoughts on behavioral and educational experiences of the related children they care for.  The survey will be anonymous, thus not collecting any identifying information.   Results from the study will be reported in an aggregated format, and data will be destroyed upon the completion of the study.




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