Housing discrimination because you have a disability or children is illegal!

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Disability Discrimination

It happens all too frequently. Did you know that disability is the most commonly reported form of housing discrimination in the United States? Many people with disabilities face discrimination from landlords who charge higher fees or security deposits, or refuse to grant reasonable requests for accommodation or modification to their units. If you have a disability and believe your housing provider is not treating you fairly or providing the accommodations you need, then Speak Up! Contact Housing Counseling Services, Inc. (HCS) at (202) 667-7006 to learn more about your fair housing rights and what you can do to get the treatment you deserve and services to which you are entitled.

Protect your Family’s Right to Fair Housing:

Has a housing provider treated you unfairly because you have children in your household? Some landlords in Washington, DC have been accused of treating families with children differently charging higher fees or deposits for families with children. If you think your family has been treated unfairly by a housing provider, contact Housing Counseling Services, Inc. (HCS) at 202-667-7006 to find out more about what you can do to protect your family’s rights to fair housing.

For More Information Contact:

Ronald Clarkson

Dir. (202) 667-7715


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