AJE is Proud to Support Family Values at Work – Paid Leave for All

AJE is proud to support Family Values at Work and others in the fight for inclusive paid family and medical leave policy by 2023.

AJE has signed this letter of support for paid leave for all, because we know that paid family and medical leave is a critical issue for workers and their families, especially in families where a child or other family member has a disability or special health care need.  Everyone should be able to take time to care for themselves or a loved one without risking their jobs or economic stability. Families and the nation are strongest when we all have the time to recover from a serious illness or injury, welcome a new child, and help a loved one recover.

Don’t forget, if you have questions about your rights at work – we have a webinar for that!

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS IN THE WORKPLACE AS A PARENT OF A CHILD WITH A DISABILITY   Guest: Laura Brown, Executive Director, First Shift Justice Project  Recording Available     additional resources/presentation from First Shift

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