DC Council – Home Visiting matters to DC families, fund the Family Support Workers who make DC families stronger!

DC home visiting programs specially designed to prevent child abuse and neglect are at risk of being cut out of the FY 2021 budget, AJE asks that the Council fund these important programs that are being allowed to expire in the Mayor’s budget.

Now, more than ever, as the COVID-19 response has heightened the family stressors that increase children’s likelihood of experiencing child abuse and neglect, these programs are essential.  The Mayor’s budget allows funding to expire for these successful, existing CFSA home visiting programs that are proven to prevent child abuse and neglect. These programs are a lifeline for many DC families and should continue.

AJE encourages the Council to continue to fund these important and life-changing home visiting programs.

AJE has been fortunate to partner for many years with Mary’s Center and we know the great work that their staff does through their home visiting program.  Listen to Mary’s Center Family Support Worker Sandra Alsakir explain her work and why it makes a difference to DC families.


This post by Fernanda Ruiz (Home Visiting Council programs committee co-chair and Mary’s Center Home Visiting Director) and Ruqiyyah Anbar- Shaheen (Home Visiting Council Chair and DC Action for Children) explains why home visiting is an important strategy for preventing child abuse and neglect, and why the Council must continue to fund home visiting and other programs that strengthen and support DC families.

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