The D.C. Behavioral Health Access Project (DC BHAP) is designed to ensure that early intervention strategies are employed in response to mental health crisis and behavior issues in children; and to ensure that community based supports are in place to support healthy integration into the community, and direct advocacy for services are made available to families in an effort to improve parent engagement and children’s access to appropriate mental health services.

The DC BHAP seeks to::

  • Provide comprehensive support, training, and information to families of children with mental health and behavioral health disorders that prepares them for and supports them in an effort to ensure they are informed decision-makers in their care;
  • Improve the overall system of care for CYSHCN by improving access through parent and youth engagement;
  • Assist Families in making informed decisions about healthcare which promotes good treatment options, efficacy, and outcomes;
  • Conduct outreach activities to families, health professionals, schools and other appropriate social agencies to promote the program activities and a better understanding of the needs of children, youth and families with special health care needs; and
  • Provide training and guidance regarding the care and support of children and youth with special healthcare needs to families, health professionals, schools and social services agencies.