Facilitated IEP meetings are conducted in a manner that encourages early dispute resolution. Facilitated IEP meetings are led by an independent facilitator with expertise in facilitation, special education laws, conflict management, group decision-making and group dynamics.  The facilitator helps the team overcome the pressures and challenges of a potentially contentious meeting. The facilitator does not make educational decisions regarding the student or development of the IEP. The facilitator’s primary goal is to assist team members in the thoughtful, productive construction of a quality IEP.

During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Facilitated IEP Project was piloted in three District of Columbia schools. Below are evaluation results from meeting participants.  


  • 96% of participants stated that they were able to discuss everything they wanted during the meeting;
  • 92% of participants expressed that they were able to contribute to the IEP development; and
  • 96% of participants stated that the facilitator kept the meeting focused on the child’s needs.


For more information about Facilitated IEP Meetings, please contact The Resolution Project at fiepmeetings@aje-dc.org. Below are additional resources regarding the District of Columbia’s Facilitated IEP Meetings Project.

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