While it hard to imagine that a student could be sent home (repeatedly) from school and then the parent referred to Child and Family Services for truancy as a result of the absences – that is exactly what happened to an 8 year old girl at Davis Elementary school. The young student had diabetes and the school requested that she stay home on days when the nurse was not on premise to administer her medication. University Legal Services along with the American Diabetes Association filed a complaint with the Department of Education. While the school system insisted the problem was with the Department of Health, the Department of Health claimed it was a misunderstanding. The good news is that the Department of Health will now train at least two adults in every building to administer medication to students with diabetes or asthma. That should make parents and students to feel safer and more secure in school.


 To read more: http://washingtonexaminer.com/d.c.-to-increase-resources-for-diabetic-students-under-agreement-with-feds/article/2506223#.UD44SVR9lK4

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