Parent Training and Information Center
The Parent Training and Information Center is a comprehensive resource library and training center. The Center offers parents information on the laws of special education, specific disabilities, the latest research on treatment and interventions, and adaptive technology. This resource center is especially critical to our work, as it is accessible to families that traditionally would not have had access to this information. Our training and advocacy sessions are specifically designed to: clarify legal obligations and rights; assist parents and advocates in the preparing for educational meetings and conferences; and to orient the individual on the various services available for children with special needs. An important component of our mission at AJE is to empower parents to be effective advocates for their children. In addition to offering a comprehensive resource library and operating a training center, the PTI also provides one-on-one assistance to families of children and youth with special needs, offers advance leadership training for parents and provides a supportive network through peer-to-peer support for families

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