AJE List of Workshops and Trainings

Workshops for Youth(Ages 13-26)

  • Certificate or Diploma Track…Which is Right for Me? (Length: 1hr)
    Participants of this training will learn the difference between Certificates of Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Diploma programs. Participants will also learn information about alternative programs such as the GED and the National External Diploma Program.
  • Getting and Keeping the First Job* (Length: 1.5hrs)
    This training, developed by the national Parent Center (PACER), is designed to help families, caregivers, and professional understand the realities of today’s work world so they can help youth with disabilities earn competitive employment. Participants will learn the importance of disability self-awareness, how families can help youth with career planning, and strategies to navigate resumes, job interview, and job accommodations.
  • Student-Led IEP (Length: 1.5hrs)
    This training informs youth about the importance of participating in their Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. The workshop covers the purpose, significance, and components of the IEP. Youth participants will also learn about the development process of the IEP, how to prepare for their IEP meeting, and strategies for participating in their meeting to contribute to their IEP services.
  • Transition Planning: A Recipe for Success (Length: 2hrs)
    Youth, parents and special education personnel are all key members of the transition planning process. This workshop educates youth about the importance of post-secondary transition planning and key ingredients for developing a transition plan.
  • From School to Adult Life: Transition Planning (Length: 2hrs)
    Involving youth in their educational planning is important to their academic engagement and success. This workshop provides an overview to youth, parents, and professionals working with youth about transition planning from school to adult life. The presentation covers educational transition planning through the Individualized Education Program (IEP), post-secondary options, academic or career training options, choosing an educational and career path, skills for success in education and employment, healthcare transition, and preparing for independent living.
  • No Bully Zone (Length: 2hrs)
    Statistics from 2010 revealed that there are about 160,000 children that miss school every day out of fear of being bullied. This hands-on workshop teaches youth the various forms of bullying, how to identify bullying, the effects of bullying, and what to do when they or another child is being bullied.
  • Career Exploration (Length: 1hr)
    This training informs youth about possible career options. It will also walk them through different types of employment such as supported employment, volunteer work, and full-time paid employment. This training will also get youth to take some ownership and start thinking about their future.
  • Independent Living and Managing Finances (Length: 1.5hrs)
    This training will get youth to think about everything that it takes to be independent. This includes thinking about things such as where they plan to live, personal skills that are required to be independent, budgeting, housing assistance, and travel.
  • Self-Advocating for Health Needs (Length: 2hrs)
    This training will focus on helping youth to take care of their health care needs on their own. It will teach youth the importance of advocacy and navigating the health care arena for themselves. It will also inform them of their legal rights regarding their health information.
  • Employment: Succeeding at Resume Building & Job Interviewing (Length: 2hrs)
    This training will focus on how to obtain a job. This training will cover topics such as resumes, cover letters, and good interviewing practices.
  • Health Literacy (Length: 1hr)
    This training will focus on health care transition in preparation for adolescents transitioning into adulthood. Participants will learn tips to become more responsible for his/her own healthcare and discuss steps for transferring from the pediatric provider to the adult provider.
  • Healthy Relationships (Length: 1.5hrs)
    This training will focus on healthy relationships for adolescents. Participants will learn what a healthy relationship is, forms of unhealthy relationships, as well as tips and tools to cultivate positive relationships.
  • The Negative Effects of Social Media (Length: 1.5hrs)
    This training will focus on the impact of social media on adolescents. Participants will learn the advantages and disadvantages of social media and the signs of unhealthy social networking.
  • Healthy Self-Esteem (Length: 1.5hrs)
    This training will focus on the importance of a healthy self-esteem for adolescents. Participants will learn what self-esteem is, how to build their self-esteem, and the impact that self-esteem has on them.
  • Self-Awareness (Length: 1hr)
    This training will assist youth with identifying and learning their self-awareness traits, such as their likes and dislikes as well as teach youth awareness for other individuals. This workshop will include topics such as personal space and stress indicators.
  • Choices & Decision Making (Length: 1.5hrs)
    This training will assist youth with learning decision-making skills in stressful and non-stressful environments. This workshop will help youth identify positive decision-making techniques.
  • My First Bank Account (Length: 1.5hrs)
    This training will assist youth with learning the importance of having a bank account and managing their financials. Participants will learn how to open and maintain a bank account, identify the key players at banks and their functions, and identify common banking terms.