Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons (SNUGS): New Georgetown University Student Organization

AJE is happy to sharing this exciting program for children ages 3 -18. This programming was shared with us by Emily Kim, co-founder and co-president of SNUGS at Georgetown!

We are the sixth chapter of SNUGS National, a nonprofit organization that works to provide free swim lessons to children (ages 3–18) with disabilities by engaging university students with their greater communities. Recognizing the high rate of accidental drowning among children with disabilities, SNUGS campuses work to mitigate this with one-on-one, therapeutic, thirty-minute sessions with a focus on water safety.

[To learn more about how SNUGS National began, click here.]
This semester, we will start community building with virtual programming. We already have a team of wonderful and passionate students who are so excited to meet children and families over Zoom, and to continue building on these relationships when we’re hopefully in the pool come fall 2021.
We are in the process of connecting with families that may be interested in our programming, and  interested families can contact us for more information (georgetown@snugsnational.org)

Registration will be on a first-comefirst-serve basis, and our first virtual event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 18.


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