Homeschooling Informational Guides for Schools and Families

In August of 2020 OSSE released two new informational guides on homeschooling in the District of Columbia. Homeschool Information for District of Columbia Families provides parents and legal guardians with information on the requirements to homeschool, including notification to OSSE. Homeschooling in the District of Columbia: An Informational Guide for LEAs provides LEAs and schools with information about homeschooling, including the steps a school must take to withdraw a student due to homeschooling.

Parents/legal guardians who elect to administer a homeschooling program in the District of Columbia must complete a Notification of Intent to Homeschool at least 15 business days prior to the first day of home instruction. Additionally, for any year the parent/legal guardian chooses to continue a homeschooling program, they must complete a Notification of Homeschool Continuation by Aug. 15. Parents/legal guardians may choose to discontinue a homeschooling program at any time and, to do so, must complete a Notification to Discontinue Homeschooling and email it to at least 15 business days prior to discontinuation.

For more information on homeschooling in the District of Columbia, including homeschooling regulations, please visit OSSE’s homeschooling website or contact


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