REAL Transition Resources – February 2021

AJE is is happy to share this information from REAL Transition Partners

Is the pandemic a chance to reimagine special education?
Parents with disabilities face extra hurdles with kids’ remote schooling
Disability and Culture
Whose underlying conditions count for priority in getting the vaccine?
How disabled creators on TikTok are going beyond “inspiration porn”
Independent Living
Disability and dating: I’m not my boyfriend’s caretaker
Learning to cope with intense ADHD feelings
Rural people with disabilities fight to retain independence during a pandemic
Services and Systems
How the federal COVID relief plan could help people with disabilities
State-by-state guide on how to get COVID vaccines
People with disabilities working from home or job searching need more accommodations
Launch your career with an apprenticeship
Science and Technology
Nike’s new hands free sneaker is for everyone
New presidential website vows accessibility

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