DDS Community & Provider Forum – Friday, September 17, 2021

AJE is happy to share this information from DC DDS with the community.

DDS invites those that we serve, self-advocates, providers, community partners, and other stakeholders to participate in an hour-long WebEx discussion about the state of disability services during COVID-19. The conversation ​will take place ​on Friday, September 17, ​2021, ​from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. This event will provide the community with an opportunity to discuss the current public health emergency and how it is affecting DDS services and supports. There will also be an opportunity to learn more about measures the agency is taking to continue to provide services and supports safely ​within the community to people with disabilities, during ​this public health emergency.

Participants have the option of logging or calling in (details below). Due to technical limitations of not being able to open the call feature to all participants, please send any questions or comments you would like to discuss to or contact Charlisa Payne at 202-442-8411. The chat-box will also be open for comments and questions during the meeting for those who are able to participate through the WebEx platform.

Meeting Information:

Click Here to Join Forum
To receive a callback, provide your phone number when you join the event, or call the number below and enter the access code.
Call-in toll number (US/Canada)
Show all global call-in numbers
Access code: 2310 714 4288


For ASL Interpretation Services 

  • Please log in at 11:50 am
  • The video camera on your device must be on.
  • Look for and click on ASL.
  • Select Chat box or thumbnail to lock your screen on ASL Interpretation.
  • If you experience problems, you can communicate through the chat box.

For Translation Services
To request spoken language interpretation, please contact 
See the attached flyer for assistance in other languages.

For help in your language, contact 202-549-1710.

Si necesita ayuda en su idioma, comuníquese con 202-549-1710.

በቋንቋዎ እርዳታ ካስፈለገዎ፣ ወይም 202-549-1710.

提供母语帮助: 202-549-1710.

Trợ giúp bằng ngôn ngữ của quý vị 202-549-1710.

귀하의 언어로 도와드립니다 ( 또는 전화(202-549-1710).

Besoin d’aide dans votre langue ou appelez le 202-549-1710.


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