Upcoming PEATC Events!!!- Register Today

AJE is pleased to share these exciting events and webinars from PEATC that are coming up in the month of May. Be sure to check them and register below!


  • May 11th – The Hidden Curriculum – Presented by Dr. Brenda Smith Myles this webinar focuses on practical tips for teaching hidden social skills to children and adults and the importance of making these a part of everyday life.    Click here for more information and to register


  • May 18th – The Hidden Curriculum of Keeping a Job– Presented by Dr. Brenda Smith Myles this webinar will provide important but untaught lessons on a variety of topics related to finding a mentor, networking, talking with supervisors, dealing with on-the-job-frustrations, understanding the social rule at work and maintaining a job.    Click here for more information and to register


  • Sexual Health and Wellness Webinars – in partnership with Elevatus training, PEATC will be offering 3 webinars related to sexual health and wellness for parents of individuals with IDD.  All webinars are from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.  The webinars offered are:
    • May 16th – Moving from Friend to Partner in the Age of Technology – This webinar explores how to navigate the internet and social media in a helpful, safe, and positive way. Click here to register
    • June 9th – Tinder, Grindr, and More –  Information will be shared that parents need to know about dating apps, including a demo of an actual dating app.  We will talk about skills that are needed to navigate these apps safely and how to avoid scams as well. Click here to register
    • June 13th – Teaching Consent – During this webinar, we will look at reasons why people with IDD are at risk for sexual violence and share tips and strategies for teaching giving and getting consent. Click here to register


  • May 24th – P.O.R.N Literacy (Protect Our Relatives Now) – Presented by Dr. Staci Carr, this webinar will explore the dangers of the internet and pornography and talk about ways to keep our loved ones safe.  Click here to register


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