Tele-Mental Health Study Opportunity – Stipend Available

Mathematica, a non-partisan research organization, is recruiting parents and caregivers of children/adolescents with persistent mental health conditions to participate in a 90-minute virtual focus group in May-June 2023. During the focus group, you will have the opportunity to share how you decide whether tele-health or in-person care is right for your child, and your family’s experience with using tele-health for mental health services. The Office of Behavioral Health, Disability, Aging Policy (BHDAP) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is sponsoring this study and will use the findings to improve the delivery of care. This study has been approved by the Health Media Lab, #2288.


Parents and caregivers age 18+ are eligible to participate if they:

1) care for a child/adolescent (under age 18) who receives ongoing care for a mental health condition and

2) have a child/adolescent that has received mental health services though telehealth. Click here for more information.


Those chosen to participate in the study will receive a $100 stipend for their time. Mathematica is particularly interested in hearing from people who represent a variety of racial, ethnic, and gender identities, and who live in rural, suburban, and urban areas.


Please share a bit about your child’s mental health history and experiences at the email listed below.  This information will be treated as confidential, and Mathematica will not disclose your personal information to any other party. It will only be used to ensure that we hear from people who represent a variety of relevant perspectives.  Contact or 844-341-1187 to participate or learn more.

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