New resource for families – books with Autistic Characters

Our friends at XMinds have created a great resource for families!

New Online Resource: Guide to Children’s and Young Adult Literature with Autistic Characters!

We’re excited to announce our newest online resource: the xMinds Guide to Children’s and Teen Literature Featuring Autistic Characters. As you may recall, we hosted a panel discussion of autistic children’s and YA authors in June. (Watch a recording of the panel discussion on the xMinds YouTube channel.) We were so jazzed about the event, that we decided to build on its success and develop an annotated reading list of over 50 recommended books with autistic characters.

For autistic children and teens, these books offer an opportunity to see someone like themselves represented in the pages of mainstream literature, letting them identify with the characters and grow alongside them. We’re working with MCPS to get this list into the hands of teachers and media specialists. We hope to spread the word about these well-crafted stories, not only to autistic students but also to their neurotypical peers. Check out the guide today to find a good read!

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