The Racial Justice Initiative of TimeBanksUSA held its first Public Documentation Hearing on Wednesday July 25, 2012 at the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law. The hearing was an opportunity to share what is happening in DC’s traditional and charter public schools regarding school discipline. There is research to show that school suspension disproportionately affects minority students, low income students and students with disabilities.

Chief Judge Steven Teske of the Juvenile Court of Clayton County,Georgia,  and President Wade Henderson of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights were in attendance and served as the hearing officers. The goal of the hearing was to set in motion a broader dialogue and to share school discipline strategies that work to manage schools, increase instructional time and create successful learning communities.

Director of Legal Services and Advocacy Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas and Staff Attorney Tim Riveria , were among the advocates, academics and school personnel who testified.

Read their testimony here and here.

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