Advocates for Justice and Education (“AJE”) was successful in pursuit of parents rights.

AJE filed a complaint with the D.C. Office of Human Rights (“OHR”) alleging that the District of Columbia Public Schools (“DCPS”) violated the District of Columbia Language Access Act of 2004 (“Act’).  The Act ensures that limited English and non-English proficient (LEP/NEP) individuals receive all vital documents in their native language.

 AJE brought the case on behalf of 20 Spanish speaking parents who did not receive documents relating to special education, school discipline and general education matters in their native language. OHR included the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (“OSSE”) in its investigation and found that both OSSE and DCPS violated the Act.  OHR has mandated DCPS and OSSE to take corrective action, including meeting with OHR to ensure moving forward LEP/NEP parents are provided vital documents in their native language as required by law.

Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas, Director of Legal Services and Advocacy, felt gratified to know that parents rights would be protected, “LEP/NEP parents are entitled to equal educational access.  This decision represents a step in ensuring that right is protected.”

 Read the decision here.

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