Coronavirus Response Update

AJE is happy to share these new Coronavirus Response Updates from DC Health. 

The Public Health Emergency has been extended until MAY 20, 2021.


  • Outdoor gatherings can now include up to 50 PEOPLE (safely distanced).
  • Some high school sports can resume under DCSAA guidelines. Field permits will be issued for the spring season.
  • Indoor fitness classes may resume with up to10 PEOPLE. Outdoor fitness classes may have up to 50 PEOPLE.
  • Professional sports may operate pursuant to a waiver with plans for fans.
  • Alcohol can be sold at restaurants until midnight.
  • HSEMA and DC Health will resume reviewing and approving live entertainment waivers. Movie theaters may open with no more than 25 people (or 25% capacity, whichever is less) in an auditorium.
  • Guided tours can resume.
  • Grocery stores may operate buffets only if staff serves the food. Self-service continues to be prohibited.


DC Health has issued updated schools guidance on best public health practice, not regulatory requirements, with an emphasis on principles of universal and correct use of face masks and 6 feet of physical distancing.

The use of cohorts, and not mixing students and staff between cohorts, is strongly recommended to minimize exposures if a case occurs in a teacher, staff or students, but caps on cohort sizes removed.

  • Meals should be served in classrooms
  • Staggering drop off/pick up times recommended
  • Shared equipment, electronic devices, school supplies should be avoided
  • Floating staff should be limited

Restrictions on sports for middle and high school students have been removed.

  • Face masks should be worn and a physical distance of 6 feet should be
  • maintained when possible during sports activities.
  • Low-contact sports training, practices, and games are permitted.
  • Games should occur outdoors.
  • For moderate to high contact sports, only organized drills and skill-building activities are permitted.

Onsite daily symptom screening recommended for employees/staff/visitors, but not for students. Parents should be encouraged to monitor children for symptoms at home. No one with symptoms should enter the school building.

Consider testing a sample of at least 10% of asymptomatic students on a weekly basis.

Schools should continue to have a plan in place for staff or students to report if they test positive, and a notification system in place. Cases must be reported to DC Health within 24 hours as per previous guidance.

Periodically go to for District COVID-19 plan updates.


  • Week of 3/29: Eligibility to all essential workers in Phase 1C Tier 2
  • Week of 4/12: Eligibility to all essential workers in Phase 1C Tier 3
  • 5/1: Move to Phase 2 of vaccination eligibility


  • Individuals working in non-public transit transportation services (i.e. for hire/ rideshare vehicles)
  • Individuals working in logistics/delivery/courier services
  • Essential employees working in media and mass communications


  • All essential employees of institutions of higher education (i.e. colleges, universities, trade schools)
  • Individuals working in construction
  • All essential employees working in information technology
  • Essential employees in federal government agencies
  • Individuals working in commercial and residential property management


GO ONLINE – any day, any time:

CALL – Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm and Sat-Sun, 8am-4pm: 1-855-363-0333


Going forward, invitations will be sent out.

  • Thursdays by 10:00 a.m.
  • Sundays by 10:00 a.m.
  • Tuesdays by 10:00 a.m. (only if any appointments need to be filled)

Phase 1C Tier 2 and Phase 1C Tier 3 essential workers may start receiving appointment invitations beginning on the Thursday of the week of eligibility.

All essential workers must be working in person in Washington, DC.

All teachers and childcare workers are eligible regardless of whether they are currently work in person.  In Phase 2, all DC residents who are 16 years old and older and not included in previous phases will become eligible.

Periodically go to to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines and the plans for the District.

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