Connect Us! Student-Led Summit on the Digital Divide – August 5, 2021 at 4pm

AJE is happy to share this student-led event from DECC with our community – registration information is here.

Connect Us! Student-Led Summit on the Digital Divide – August 5, 2021

A Special Message from a DC student:

Hi, My name is Da’Kalen and I’m a student at Friendship Public Charter Schools in Washington D.C. I’m currently working with DECC for my internship this summer for better internet access. The internet is a source of information, a social platform, and a business network. The internet has diverse uses depending on the needs of an individual or the setting in which it is used. It connects people, lives, stories, and businesses across the world.

We’re having a student-led summit for improving internet access in D.C. Join our discussion about ideas on how to improve internet connection and how it affects our future. We need speedy internet so people can apply for jobs. Displaying some of your best work in a professional and digital manner will allow you to connect employers with your experience. You can also connect with other industry professionals who can then connect you with job openings. Some other reasons we use the internet is to connect with people, share/gather information, school, marketing, and many other things that can be beneficial for us. Also, it’s important for entertainment and socializing while using the internet.

We hope you will join Da’Kalen, along with other DC students as they lead a technology summit with OCTO.

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