Family Voices: Fathers’ Organization Project

AJE is pleased to share this opportunity for fathers to be apart of this project from Family Voices!  They are looking for fathers to participate in their study, and below is a more detailed description of their project.

They are looking for:

1) 1-2 fathers to be part of their research team

2) for fathers to be interviewed and

3)  for fathers to be part of their pilot of the program.


They are conducting a study recruiting fathers of children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) from across the United States. The goal of the study is to design and implement a virtual mind-body resiliency intervention that provides support to fathers and can help them cope with stress.


First, they will be conducting virtual interviews and focus groups with fathers of CYSHCN. Through the focus groups they hope to better understand: the types of concerns that fathers find most difficult and stressful, coping resources and strategies, and recommendations for the resiliency intervention. In the second phase of the study, they will enroll fathers in a mind-body resiliency intervention program, which will be conducted virtually, ~1 hour a week for 8 weeks. The intervention will be a modified version of an existing program developed at the MGH Benson-Henry Institute.

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