DCPS Self-Contained Classroom Guidebooks and List of Classroom Locations

Are you a DCPS parent who wants more information about your child’s self-contained classroom?   DCPS’ guides (below) are a good place to start to learn more so you can make well-informed decisions.

AJE recently created a document listing the locations of all DCPS self-contained classrooms based on the information DCPS provided in their program guidebooks.  We hope it is helpful to families to have all of the contained classrooms listed in one central place.  The program guidebooks we used to create this document are listed below, and we encourage families to review them if they are considering a self-contained classroom.

Parents and others may also be interested in AJE’s previous blog post about other DCPS program guides that AJE has been able to obtain via FOIA requests.  Those guides include DCPS’ Missed Related Services and Untimely Assessment Guidelines, the School Psychology Program Guidebook, and several others as well.

MES Program Guide

Vision Classroom Guide

ILS Program Guide

ELS Program Guide

DHOH Classroom Guide

CES Program Guide

BES Program Guide

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