Discover ODR’s Accessible Remote Balloting: Vote from Home!

AJE would like to share with families about ODR’s Accessible Remote Balloting. Please see below for more information.

Accessible Remote Balloting

District residents with disabilities can request an accessible ballot to vote from home! As part of the District’s Olmstead promise of community integration and inclusion for people with disabilities, ODR is working in collaboration with the DC Board of Elections (DC BOE) to ensure District voters with disabilities are aware of and have access to DC BOE’s fully accessible electronic balloting system. The system works with computers, tablets, phones, and other digital devices that have access to a web browser, email, and an internet connection. Once you request an accessible ballot, you will receive an email with instructions to securely access your encrypted ballot. You can use your own assistive technology to complete and sign the ballot, and securely send it back to DC BOE. Once received, DC BOE will let you know it has received the ballot and when it has counted it. 

For more information, and to request an Accessible Remote Ballot, please visit

If you need assistance or further information, please contact the ADA Coordinator at or call (202) 727-5411 / 711 (TTY).

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